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In this church service program, Antioch A.M.E. Church provides information on and a schedule of the events being held on August 30, 1964. The program also includes information about the history of the church, announcements, hymns, and mentions the…


Souvenir program of the Atlanta Georgia Annual Conference of the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church held at Antioch A.M.E. Church in 1958. The program includes the church officials presiding over the conference, a…

This is the directory of Antioch A.M.E. Church members as of 2007. The directory is dedicated to Mrs. Ruby Hoke, and it includes pictures of every Antioch A.M.E. member.

This directory of Antioch A.M.E. Church includes pictures and contact information about all of the Antioch A.M.E. members.

Antioch A.M.E. Church offertory envelope kept by Mattie Clayton Harper, mother to Barbara Lowe, containing ashes from the Antioch A.M.E. mortgage burning on March 8, 1981 in Decatur, Georgia.

Souvenir program for the mortgage burning service at Antioch A.M.E. Church on March 8, 1981 in Decatur, Ga. A black and white photograph of Antioch A.M.E. Church is featured in the program. Included in the program are the morning services and a…

Certificate of the Vacation Bible School of Antioch A.M.E. Church in Decatur, Ga. for Barbara A. Harper on August 11, 1951. The certificate is signed by Rev. Benjamin Gay, Alice Shaw, James T. Jackson, and Albert I. Brooks Sr.

Certificate of Recognition for Renaldo B. Lowe (son of Barbara Lowe) for Vacation Church School of Antioch A.M.E. Church in Decatur, Ga. on July 11, 1980.

Certificate of Appreciation for Mrs. Barbara Lowe for her service to Antioch A.M.E. Church as the Young People's Department Supervisor on June 5, 1978. The award is signed by Rev. E. Adams Jr.
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