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This souvenir plate depicts the Hibernia Ave. Antioch A.M.E. Church with the text "ANTIOCH A.M.E. CHURCH / Decatur, Georgia / 1886 -- 1967." The plate was created by Preston-Hopkinson, Co out of Appomattox, Virginia. The back of the plate reads…

Certificate of Appreciation for Mrs. Barbara Lowe for her service to Antioch A.M.E. Church as the Young People's Department Supervisor on June 5, 1978. The award is signed by Rev. E. Adams Jr.

Certificate of Recognition for Renaldo B. Lowe (son of Barbara Lowe) for Vacation Church School of Antioch A.M.E. Church in Decatur, Ga. on July 11, 1980.

Certificate of Promotion for Barbara Ann Harper being promoted from Kindergarten to primary at the Trinity Presbyterian School in Decatur, Ga. on May 26, 1949.

A Child's Guide to the Bible is a booklet produced by C.R. Gibson & Company to help younger children understand the Bible. This copy has the name [Regena Nesby] written on the back cover.

Color photograph of Renaldo Lowe and Bernard Griffith, taken Easter day in 1983. The back of the photograph reads,
"Easter 1983
Bernard Griffith
Renaldo Lowe
Two very fine young, growing
men. I love them very much.
All my Best wishes
A gift…

Four color photographs of Antioch A.M.E. alter boys, taken circa 1980. The top right photograph features Judge Clarence Cooper.

Color photograph of an unidentified Antioch A.M.E. pastor, taken circa 1980.

Color photograph of the Antioch A.M.E. Board of Directors featuring Elayne Washington Hunter, taken circa 1970.

Black and white photograph of female ushers standing in front of a sign at the Antioch A.M.E. Church, taken circa 1980. Standing in the back row [from right to left] are Louis Carten, Lily Griffith, Elizabeth Simon, and Addie Moore. Standing in the…
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