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Antioch A.M.E. Church offertory envelope kept by Mattie Clayton Harper, mother to Barbara Lowe, containing ashes from the Antioch A.M.E. mortgage burning on March 8, 1981 in Decatur, Georgia.

Newspaper article from The Atlanta Constitution about Decatur residents' reactions to the renaming of Oliver Street to Commerce Drive by the Decatur City Commission in 1984. Oliver St. was named after Henry Oliver, a former slave who lived from 1831…

This newspaper article discusses DeKalb Community College Central campus vice president Dr. Powell D. Waite presenting sophomore James Simon with an award for receiving the most individual awards during honor's night.

Souvenir program for the mortgage burning service at Antioch A.M.E. Church on March 8, 1981 in Decatur, Ga. A black and white photograph of Antioch A.M.E. Church is featured in the program. Included in the program are the morning services and a…

This newspaper article from the Dekalb News Sun discusses Mother Hannah Burnett and how her church remained significant to the culture of Decatur 66 years after its founding.

Color photograph of Renaldo Lowe and Bernard Griffith, taken Easter day in 1983. The back of the photograph reads,
"Easter 1983
Bernard Griffith
Renaldo Lowe
Two very fine young, growing
men. I love them very much.
All my Best wishes
A gift…

Color photograph of the Antioch A.M.E. Board of Directors featuring Elayne Washington Hunter, taken circa 1970.

Black and white photograph of three Antioch A.M.E. choir members, circa 1950. The photo, taken by Joanne Randolph Murphy, includes Floy Ann Henderson [farthest left] and Annie Grace Baker [seated].

Black and white photograph taken by Joanne Randolph Murphy of the Antioch A.M.E. choir, circa 1950.

Black and white photograph taken by Joanne Randolph Murchy of the Antioch A.M.E. choir, circa 1950. The photo also features Barbara Lowe's cousin Wellburn Talbert, the Secretary of Church [farthest left].
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